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  • The NZ Deer species
  • How to be a safer hunter
  • How to shoot a rifle and sight it in correctly
  • Trajectories of bullets
  • The right clothing and gear to take
  • Tips on stalking
  • Vital areas of the deer
  • How to gut and carry out deer
  • How to butcher your animals
  • What resources are avaliable

….and much more

Some feedback on this DVD…


  • Firstly, thank you for the DVD, I have been watching it and I think it is a great
    all round summary of the do’s and don’t of hunting. Very informative re tips
    and deer species. A very good effort.


  • Just wanted to say thanks for the DVD, I watched it over the weekend and
    thought it was brilliant especially the tips for stalking and dressing the animal.
    As I am fairly new to big game hunting I have found this invaluable and I now
    feel more comfortable for when I get my first deer.


  • Hi Alex, thanks for sending the DVD to me. I watched it last night and I was
    very impressed with the high quality – it covers almost everything! I really
    enjoyed watching the stag in his wallow at the end after the credits.


  • We have had such a great response to your DVD that we are playing on our in-
    store T.V that I am sold out. Can we order another 10 please.


  • Just purchased and viewed your new DVD – bloody great! I really enjoyed
    your book, but the DVD brought everything to life, very instructive and
    enjoyable viewing.


  • I purchased your DVD at the weekend I have found it very educational. I am
    new to hunting having moved from the UK. I have not been hunting yet I have
    my firearms licence. I am building up on information and knowledge before I
    go on my first hunt. Watching your dvd has given me a lot of information
    that I have been looking for in other dvd’ but I had not found it until I
    watched yours. I would not hesitate to recommend it to others. If I had found it
    4 months ago it would have saved me a lot of money buying other DVD’s.


  • The DVD is a great basic resource for any one wanting to get into
    hunting deer in NZ, although there are not many people who could say they
    didn’t at least learn something new from the DVD. I had to watch it more than
    once to take in that amount of information, but it was worth it the second time
    round to catch the bits I missed. To gather all of the experience and knowledge
    from different people and involving those individuals is a credit to Alex
    and Tim. (Jason McLaughlin (Ballingers, Hunting and Fishing, ChCh)

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