NZ Firearms Licence Renewal


Renewing your firearms licence is not just an exercise where you pay money and have another licence issued.

More importantly, it is a re-commitment to being a responsible and safe firearms owner.

Records of recent hunter incidents (NOT accidents) tell us that a high percentage involve hunters who have been hunting for a good number of years. That is not acceptable. There may be a number of reasons for this.

Hunters can:

  • Forget the basic firearms safety rules over time

  • Allow their standards to slip over the years 

  • Be careless and assume they know

Because SAFETY is such an important issue we are
asking all firearms owners renewing their licences,
to also renew their commitment to firearms safety
                     by doing a number of our on-line modules.                 It’s a small price to pay for improved safety!
When you complete all the appropriate modules and pass each quiz,
we will send you a certificate of completion.
You will be able to present your certificate to the person who interviews you
and checks your firearms security.