NZ Mountain Safety Firearms Test Course

Welcome to NZ Hunter Education. Our goal is to assist you in first obtaining your NZ firearms licence.
Our education will help you to become a safe and responsible

firearms owner and a safer and more successful hunter and shooter.

If you are over 16, your first step to owning a firearm is to complete the Mountain Safety Firearms education course through our introductory course, the contents of which are covered in modules 1 – 14 following.

That will give you the knowledge necessary to attempt the multi choice test administered by the NZ Police.


Read the information for each module and once you have passed each quiz,

we will email you a certificate acknowledging this.

You will then need to sit a multi-choice test administered by the NZ Mountain Safety Council on behalf of the NZ Police. (Please note that successfully passing our course does NOT qualify you to own a firearm.)

 If you pass the multi choice test the following will take place:

  • You will then be vetted by NZ Police,

  • You will be interviewed by an Arms Officer, who will also check your security.

  • If you pass, in due course you will be issued with a firearms licence.

  •  You can then purchase a firearm and go hunting and shooting by yourself.

Following that our advanced hunter education resources are available for you on our web site  to help you become a safer and more successful hunter.  Some resources are free, for other information there will be a small charge. 

All the best and great hunting for the future!