New Zealand Certificate in Outdoor Experiences

NZ Firearms Safety Course 5 credits (level 4) (#2571)

NZ Firearm & Hunter Education and CrossLearningNZ have partnered together to deliver an NZQA 5 credit NZ Firearms Safety Course as part of the New Zealand Certificate in Outdoor Experiences.

Qualification code: The firearm safety course is delivered within the New Zealand Certificate of Outdoor Experiences (level 4)

Level: 4 Credits: 5

Hours: 50 learning hours              Cost: $360


The course is for people who wish to gain a comprehensive core knowledge of firearm and hunter safety, both those who want to get a firearms license or for existing firearm users who wish to upskill. It is particularly relevant for people who need to use or handle firearms in jobs such as pest destruction, agriculture, horticulture, sports retailing, gun importing or manufacturing, or for recreation.

The course covers firearm and cartridge safety and security and provides an understanding of firearms, relevant legislation and other firearms-related matters.


When you finish the course, you will receive the NZ Firearms Safety Certificate, have successfully passed your Firearms License and also gained 5 credits at Level 4 on your NZQA Record of Achievement.

Learning Outcomes

At the conclusion of this course students will:

  1. Be knowledgeable about firearms safety
  2. Be conversant with and knowledgeable about NZ firearms law
  3. Be able to safely use and handle a firearm
  4. Be knowledgeable about risk minimization strategies when around or handling firearms
  5. Have successfully passed their NZ Firearms license

Qualification Structure

There are four sections to the course:

  1. NZ Firearms & Hunter Education – online course:
    14 modules 5 hours
  2. Case studies, research papers, interviews
    1. Read History of Firearms Laws in NZ – case study 7 hours
    2. Firearms incidents researched from the web – Case studies. 4 hours
    3. Read ‘To Hunt and Return’, by Inspector Joe Green
      Provide appropriate comments. 3 hours
    4. Read A Hunters Tale by NZ MSC Provide appropriate comments. 7 hours
    5. White Paper: Mistaken-for-Game Hunting Accidents – A human
      factors review by Kyle Wilson & Karl Bridges.
      Review and comment.5 hours
    6. Interview two or more experienced firearm owners who hunt and prepare reports. 8 hours
    7. Interview a key person in a local hunting or shooting club to discern what they see the issues are and how they seek to reduce risk and ensure participants are safe. 3 hours
  3. Practical component: 5 hours
    1. Attend a shoot on a certified rifle range or clay bird range and prepare a range report.
    2. or
    3. Attend a NZ Deerstalkers Association HUNTS course – 16 hours of theory and 4 field days including at least 1 overnight camping trip. See
  4. Sit the NZ Police firearms test and obtain a firearms license. 3 hours