Online Course | Refresher Course for Hunting

For hunters who wish to access the refresher course on hunting,please complete ALL the modules:


1. Introduction – history, role of the hunter, changes
2. NZ Police /Mountain Safety etc
3. Firearms
4. Ammunition
5. 7 Basic Rules of Firearm Safety

  • Treat every firearm as loaded

  • Always point a firearm in a safe direction

  • Only load a firearm when ready to use

  • Identify your target

  • Check firing zones

  • Storing Firearms

  • Avoid alcohol and drugs

6. Duties and legal
7. Other rules
8. Recreational target shooting – rifle, clay bird, black      powder & pistol shooting
9. Be safe be seen
10. Safe As
11. Fish and Game
12. Department of Conservation
13. Ethics
14. Ready for action

The cost for each course is $60 – a small price to pay for improved safety.


1. First Register and pay online so you can access your course.

2. Then check your emails to receive your access code – this will enable you to access your course at any time.

3. Each time you want to access the course you will need to enter this code on the LOGIN section, top right of the HOME page.

Please note:

  • You will need to complete each required module and pass each quiz before you receive your certificate.
  • On completion of your course you will then recieve a certificate by email.

  • You need to be aged 16 or over to obtain a firearms licence.

  • This course does NOT qualify you to own a firearm.